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I bet you have a vision board, affirmations, mantras, memberships, and all the things for the Law of Attraction and yet you're still wondering what's going wrong.

Wondering when the money/career/abundance/freedom/love or whatever you were trying to attract is going to finally show up.

Wondering why.it's.so.damn.difficult.


So I did something about it.

And I found out how to do something about it by taking courses, watching hours of video, practicing, getting certified, and now I want to show you how I did it.

I want to teach you and coach you to have everything you want. I want you to go from woo to wow!

Yes, I use mystical ways.

BUT mystical only means mystery. Let me show you how to take the mystery out of the Law of Attraction so that it finally works for you.

Hobbies: Wine (yes, wine is a hobby), walking, reading cards, designing funny mugs and t-shirts, and reading about cool stuff.

Bio: Old enough to know better, wife and mother, dog mom, hockey fan, Apple nerd, past world traveller, Social Studies Highest Mark Winner in Grade 5 AND 6, plus I still have my original hair and teeth.

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